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Favorite Websites for Learning


There are hundreds of websites for kids... almost too many to wade through to find the good ones. But they are out there!

Here are a few of my favorite learning sites that actually add educational value to tech time in my classroom (PLUS students can use them at home)...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Wonderopolis! So much to explore and learn! Just about anything your students might wonder about can be found on this site. How do elevators work? Why do snakes shed their skin? What causes freckles? Who invented cotton candy? These are just a few of the thousands of questions that are answered on Wonderopolis. Best of all - students can submit their own wonder if it hasn't already been answered. This is a fantastic site that you can get lost in for hours.

Mystery Doug is another awesome site for curious students. Every day there's a new video explaining a mystery of life. What are those bumps on our tongues? How is a rainbow made? How do spiders spin webs? At the end of each video, students get to vote on what they want Doug to talk about next time. You can also go back and watch past videos. Love this one!

This math game is my students' all time favorite. They BEG to play and will even skip recess for it! Players must answer math questions to progress through the levels and virtual world. They can engage in math battles and earn rewards all while building math skills. The game is adaptive which means it gets harder as your students improve. I love this feature because it means ALL of my students can use it no matter what level they're on. If I had to recommend one website for learning, this would be it!

GetEpic is a super way to get kids reading and engaged in all kinds of text. Teacher accounts are free which is amazing for such a great site. You are able to set up accounts for all of your students and then assign them reading based on their reading level and/or interests. You can also let them choose their own. There are videos and quizzes that go along with the reading as well. Best of all, you can track your students' progress. You really should... GetEpic!

Great for both math and reading! I use this every year. It used to be totally free. Now students can answer a limited number of questions each day for free. After that they'll need an account or come back the next day to do more.

I use this one during reading centers and sometimes for homework. You can assign articles or kids can choose their own based on interest. Best of all, each article is available in different lexiles so you can assign them to all of your students. The site is run by the Smithsonian Institute so you can expect accurate information on a wide range of topics. It's quick and easy to sign up for a teacher account.

Turtle Diary has tons of arcade-style games and videos that let students learn and practice all kinds of math and language arts skills. There are also quizzes and printables. Everything is organized by grade level making it easy to find what you want your students to use. The free teacher account lets you manage and track your students' progress. However, the free version does includes ads. Parents can also sign up for a free account to use at home.

I just love StorylineOnline! The website has a large selection of well-known and popular picture books being read aloud by famous people (mostly actors). My students always enjoy the stories and they're a worthwhile way to fill a few extra minutes during the day.


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