This is a research-based learning project that integrates social studies, math, and writing. 

To complete this project, students will go on a world tour of six different countries around the world. Through their travels, they will learn the location of these countries along with important facts. 

To get to each destination, students must use their budgeted money to buy plane tickets. They will use subtraction to calculate how much money they have left after each purchase and determine the length of each flight (elapsed time). They will also mark each location on a world map and label the continents.

After traveling to all six destinations, students will use 3-digit addition to calculate the total money spent. They will also write a descriptive paragraph about a landmark of their choice and an opinion paragraph about the location they would like to visit again.

✓ Teacher instructions
✓ World map in color and black/white
✓ 12-page passport booklet
✓ Customs stamps for each country
✓ Boarding passes/airline tickets
✓ Travel book to hold tickets and stamps
✓ Answer keys

The passport book is where students will record their work. They will research each location to complete its page in the passport. They will find the country, continent, capital city, official language, currency, climate, and important landmark. Kid-safe website suggestions for conducting research are included.

The first page of the passport is the travel budget. Students will use this page to keep track of their tickets and calculate how much money they have left after each purchase. The last three pages of the passport include a landmark matching activity, a page with addition, subtraction, and elapsed time questions, and the descriptive and opinion writing activities.

The countries students will visit include:
• Australia
• Brazil
• China
• Egypt
• Germany
• Russia

This activity is most appropriate for third or fourth grade.

World Traveler Social Studies & Math Research Project Continents Elapsed Time

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