This is a bundle of 3 interactive reading comprehension activity books about United States Presidents. This set includes George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln.

These books are a great way to integrate reading into the content areas. Your students will learn important social studies concepts while practicing essential comprehension skills including main idea, context clues, vocabulary, and text features.

To complete these activities, students will:

• Read each page, using context clues to fill in the missing information. 

• Determine the main idea and choose the correct title for each chapter (cut and paste).

• Complete the table of contents by adding titles in the correct spot (cut and paste).

• Use the glossary to understand new vocabulary.

• Includes links to supplemental websites and videos about each president.

Content in each book:

• Washington's Childhood
• The Continental Congress
• The Revolutionary War
• Washington As President
• Honoring George Washington

• Lincoln's Childhood
• Lincoln as President
• The Civil War
• The End of Slavery
• Remembering Abraham Lincoln

• Jefferson's Childhood
• Early Accomplishments
• The Continental Congress and Declaration of Independence
• Thomas Jefferson the President
• Louisiana Purchase
• Jefferson's Later Years

U.S. Presidents Interactive Reading BUNDLE Washington Lincoln Jefferson