Does prepping for a sub stress you out? This substitute binder will make it quick and easy! Includes all of the important information a sub might need. Just fill out the pages once and you'll always be ready!

Your substitute binder will include the following:

• Welcome Letter
• School Information
• Class List
• Class Roster (space to add a picture of each child with name underneath)
• Helping Hands
• Emergency Procedures
• Student Medical Info
• Daily Schedule
• Daily Routines
• Pull In/Push Out Schedule
• Rules/Behavior Management
• How We Go Home
• Classroom Tour (Add pictures of the classroom showing where important things are located.)
• Lesson Plans & Materials Divider
• While You Were Out (report for the sub to fill out)

This binder is provided in both PDF (print and write) and Powerpoint (type and print) formats.

The No Stress Substitute Binder

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