This is a set of math center activities for exploring and understanding the number ten as a benchmark number. 



• Tens Frame Number Match - Match the numeral card with the number word and the tens frame model. 

• Tens Partners - Students match number sentences with the tens frame models. For example, 6 + 4 would be matched to the tens frame with 6 blue dots and 4 pink dots. Includes all tens partner combinations.

• Make A Ten - Using colored counters or dry erase markers, students complete the tens frame and number bond to make a ten. For example, on the card that says 3 + ____, students would fill in the 7 and then fill in the tens frame with 7 more dots to make the ten. Includes all tens partner combinations.

• Recording Sheet/Assessment - Write the number 10, write the word ten, fill in the tens frame to show ten, and write a number sentence to make a ten. You can also use this page to assess number sense with numbers other than ten.

Tens Frame Activities for Math Centers

  • Grade Level

    K to 1

  • CCSS

    K.OA.A.3, K.OA.A.4

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