This Word Sorts For Big Kids resource focuses on suffixes that make the "shun" sound: sion, tion, and cian.  The activities help students learn the spelling rules for these suffixes as well as word meaning.


  • TION, SION, and CIAN heading cards
  • 23 Word Cards for sorting and adding the correct suffix
  • 23 Definition Cards
  • Recording Sheets
  • Cut & Paste Worksheet - Students add the correct suffix to each word and glue in the corresponding definition.
  • Answer Keys

The word cards show the root with blank spaces for the suffix. Students must determine which suffix the word should end with and sort the cards accordingly. The definition cards are included to help build vocabulary and reinforce the meaning of each suffix.

Word Sorts for Big Kids: Suffixes TION SION CIAN

  • Grade Level

    4 to 5

  • CCSS

    L.4.4.B, L.5.4.B, L.5.2.E

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    ✪  "A great resource for building vocabulary knowledge and spelling skills. Thank you." - Julie


    ✪  "I LOVED this! I would also love if you created more products just like this! It is hard to find word sorts for older students." - Whitney