This is the Great Journey to Jupiter STEM Challenge! It is a set of 5 different activities centered around the story of a group of scientists who must travel to Jupiter to save mankind. After hearing the opening storyline, students will read 5 of the team's travel log entries. Each one will challenge them to design something to help them survive and save the humans back on Earth.

STEM Challenges:

• 3-2-1 Blastoff: Design a Rocket
• Touchdown: Build an Orbiter Landing Device
• Don’t Look Down: Construct a Crater Crossing 
• Look Out Below: Create a Supply Drop
• Home Sweet Home: Build a Living Pod

These STEM challenges use common materials that you probably already have in your classroom. They incorporate concepts of linear measurement, volume, area, geometry, heat and temperature, force and motion, and scientific process.

Each STEM challenge in this pack includes:

• teacher instructions
• student challenge sheet
• planning and design pages
• scoring rubric 
• vocabulary cards (when needed) 

There is also a set of team member role cards, design process cards, a master score sheet to find out which group is the most successful at helping the explorers, a challenge requirements cheat sheet, and associated NGSS standards. 

The file includes both standard (imperial) and metric versions.

Each challenge in this pack is fully planned out making it easy to get started. They are also highly engaging because students are involved in solving a real-life problem. 

STEM Activities: The Great Journey to Jupiter STEM Challenge Pack Space Theme

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    5 to 8

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