This resource helps students understand and distinguish between similes and metaphors. The activities require them to identify each type of figurative language, find examples within text, and use them in writing.


Includes the following materials and activities:

  • Task Cards - Includes 12 cards, recording sheets, and answer key. Students will similes and metaphors within text and interpret their meanings.
  • Simile/Metaphor Sort - Cut and paste activity in which students identify which type of figurative language is being used in a sentence.
  • Similes and Metaphors In Context - Students will read a short passage, finding examples of figurative language, and interpreting their meanings.
  • Using Similes To Compare - Students will complete similes by choosing the best descriptive phrase.
  • Describe Yourself With Similes - Students will write an acrostic poem using similes to describe themselves.
  • Figurative Language In Poetry - Students will read two short poems and identify examples of similes and metaphors.
  • Answer keys

Similes and Metaphors - Figurative Language Task Cards & Worksheets

  • Grade Levels

    3 to 5

  • CCSS

    L.3.5a, L.4.5, L.4.5a, L.5.5, L.5.5a

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