This is a set of activities to help emergent readers learn to sound out and blend CVC words. There are two components to this resource: Tap & Blend Centers and I Can Read Booklets.

➤ Tap & Blend Centers - There are 10 word cards (two for each short vowel) and 50 picture cards. Each card has 5 words with the same middle vowel sound. Students tap the dot under each letter as they sound out and blend to read the word. After reading the word, they place the corresponding picture in the box.

➤ I Can Read Booklets - There is one 8-page mini book for each vowel sound. Students will tap, blend, and read a word on each page. They also cut out and glue the matching picture onto the page. When completed, these make great little take-home books for extra practice. 

Short Vowel CVC Words Blend & Read Centers and Mini Books

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    RF.K.1a, RF.K.1b, RF.K.2, RF.K.2d, RF.K.3, RF.K.3a, RF.K.3b

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