Pig Pen is a place value game for small groups. It is easy to learn and a fun way to practice important foundational math skills. 

To play, students take turns drawing number cards and using them to build a 3-digit number. After both players have built their numbers, they compare and the one with the largest number places a marker on their pig pen board. The first player to fill their pig pen wins. 

This game builds place value knowledge including expanded form and comparing numbers in the hundreds. Perfect for first or second grade! The best part is how easy it is for kids to play themselves. Makes a great partner activity during math centers!

Pig Pen Place Value Game

  • Grade Level

    1 to 2

  • CCSS

    2.NBT.A.1, 2.NBT.A.3, 2.NBT.A.4

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  • Buyer Reviews

    ✪  "A lot of value in a cute piggy package! Nothing is more important than number sense and place value, and this simple but high impact game is a great way to reinforce it through the hundreds place. I see it getting great use this coming year, especially in small groups. It's always great to infuse place value work with some added interest and Pig Pen does just that!" - Buyer