This personal dictionary will give your students their own little reference book to use while writing. It includes sight words and other commonly used words they need to know how to spell.

Each page includes preprinted words at the top and space for students to add their own words at the bottom. There is one page for each letter, A to Z, plus several thematic pages: animal words, body words, color words, day and months, family words, food words, holiday words, numbers, school words, and weather words.

The preprinted sight words come from the Dolch and Fry lists with a few other commonly used words added in.

The booklet is half-page size to fit neatly inside your students’ desks or writing folders. The pages are formatted so they can be folded in half, stacked, and stapled. This creates a sturdier book that will hold up to frequent use. It also eliminates the need to cut the pages to assemble the book.

Personal Student Dictionary

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    K to 3

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  • Buyer Reviews

    ✪  "I love this dictionary for my 1st graders! I like how the Fry words are included, and the blank spaces for additional words." - Buyer


    ✪  "Very nice! I like how the pages fold "backwards" to make them sturdier!" - Vicki