This owl pellet lab journal will give your students guided activities to complete before, during, and after their dissection. Pages include:


  • All About Owls - vocabulary, diet, and life cycle
  • My Owl Pellet - description, measurement, and prediction
  • Scientist At Work - supplies, prediction, and procedure
  • What I Discovered - tally chart and drawing conclusion
  • Answer Key

The pages are designed to be folded in half (text out), stacked, and stapled into a book. No cutting required. Please see the last picture for an example of how to fold this format.


You can view a video preview of this resource here: Owl Pellet Lab Journal

For information on doing an owl pellet dissection with your class see my blog post: Science Investigation: Owl Pellets

Owl Pellet Lab Journal

  • Grade Level

    2 to 5

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    ✪   "This owl pellet journal was exactly what I was looking for to dissect owl pellets with my students! It is always a favorite every year and this journal is perfect to complement the activity! - Ashley


    ✪   "This was exactly what i was looking for to keep the owl pellet experiment structured and keeping students accountable." - Emily