With ELA standards putting a heavy emphasis on non-fiction, being able to use text features is essential to reading success. This is a set of 12 posters plus a corresponding activity to help students identify, understand, and use text features. 


Each poster measures 8x10 and includes an illustrated example and definition. I created these as a visual support for my class. They hang in my room all year where students refer to them often. 


In addition to the posters, this resource includes a reading response worksheet that gives students practice identifying and using text features found in a book.



Text features included in this set:


•    diagrams
•    table of contents
•    headings
•    boldface type (also provided as "Bold Print")
•    maps
•    timelines
•    glossary
•    index
•    captions
•    graphs
•    bullet points
•    sidebar



Clear, easy-to-read font makes these great for classroom display! Each poster measures 8.5x11. The posters can also be cut apart for a center activity.

Non-Fiction Text Features Posters

  • Grade Level

    1, 2, 3

  • CCSS

    RI.1.5, RI.2.5, RI.3.5

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  • Buyer Reviews

    ✪   "These are great! I cut the picture from the definition. I put the pictures up in the hall and the students had to match the definitions." - Patricia


    ✪   "Students loved them.  They took the iPods, found the images in the nonfiction materisls they were using, took a picture of the specific item, put the images together and made a classroom chart. Excellent. - Jan


    ✪   "I laminated these and used them as a literacy center where students matched them. I also used them along with a Scholastic News and had students complete a Scavenger Hunt for text features. Great resource." - Melissa