Your students will love practicing their multiplication facts with these dominoes match-up games! 

These activities cover facts from 2x0 through 12x12. Students play by lining up the dominoes in the correct order. This is done by matching each multiplication problem with the domino that has the correct answer. 

For an added challenge, see who can get them in order the fastest or let partners time each other and try to beat their own personal best. Fun practice for multiplication facts fluency!

Includes 11 sets of multiplication dominoes. Each set of has a different colored background so they're easy to tell apart.

Multiplication Facts Dominoes

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    2 to 4

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  • Buyer Reviews

    ✪  "This was another game that my students loved to play! They knew how to play dominoes but now they're playing it in school. They quickly picked up how to play and got started & really enjoyed it!" - Jennifer


    ✪  "Thank you so much for this multiplication activity! My daughter HATES doing multiplication flash cards (I don't blame her!), and these domino's (we've played "regular" domino's) gets her to practice her multiplication facts like a game!" - Annette