Brag tags are a fun and exciting reward system for classroom management! I've been using them with my students for several years. I love them and so do they! But during that time, I’ve realized that having too many different tags is just too much work for me to keep up with (not to mention the cost of color printing). So I finally narrowed down my collection to just the tags I use the most. 

This collection of brag tags includes 21 different academic and behavior rewards (with a few fun ones included too) that are perfect for kindergarten:


  • I'm a Kinder Kid!
  • Rainbow Ranger - I know my colors.
  • Nutty for Numbers - I can count to 20.
  • Nutty for Numbers - I can count to 50.
  • Nutty for Numbers - I can count to 100.
  • Pencil Pro - I can write my name.
  • Shape Showoff - I know my shapes.
  • Sight Word Superstar - I know 20 sight words.
  • Sight Word Superstar - I know 50 sight words.
  • Letter Shredder - I know my ABCs.
  • Capable Cutter - I can use scissors.
  • Lace Ace - I can tie my shoes.
  • Good with Glue
  • Home Sweet Home - I know my address.
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Super Star for the Sub
  • Hallway Hero - I can walk in a line.
  • Wise Owl - 100 days smarter
  • First Field Trip
  • Kindergarten Graduate


I have also included some tips to save time and money when using brag tags.

Kindergarten Brag Tags Rewards & Incentives

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