This is a set of four math centers for building number sense and understanding place value through working with the hundred chart. Includes the following activities:


  • Hundred Chart Puzzles - Each task card in this set shows a section of the hundred chart with the center number missing. Students will look at the surrounding numbers to determine the missing one. Number cards are provided.


  • Hoppin' Through the Hundred Chart Game - This is a game for 2 to 4 players in which they take turns rolling a die and moving through the hundred chart. If a player lands on a lily pad and can tell what the missing number is, he or she gets to roll again. The first person to 100 wins. (Two different game boards are provided to vary the missing numbers.)


  • Leap Frog Number Strips - Each strip is a column from the hundred chart. Several numbers are missing and have been replaced by lily pads. Students will count by ten to determine the missing numbers. Number cards are provided for students to put in the correct spaces.


  • Xs and Os on the Hundred Chart - This iactivity involves counting by fives and tens. Students will circle the numbers they say when counting by five and X the numbers they say when counting by ten. This activity is provided in both color and black & white. The color version can be laminated and used in a center with dry erase markers.

Hundred Chart Centers and Games

  • Grade Level

    K to 1

  • CCSS

    1.NBT.C.5, 1.NBT.C.6

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    ✪  "I loved this. It was challenging and it really helped my children develop a better understanding of the hundreds chart. I'd love to purchase more like this - the kids love the games and the packet was really developed. I also thought it was visually great- the kids love the frogs!" - Buyer


    ✪  "Awesome activity with lots of options for differentiation!" - Victoria


    ✪  "Fantastic hands on approach. Great for maths groups. Thanks so much!!" - Sarah