This is a set of activities for teaching about human body systems. Includes the following systems:

✓ circulatory
✓ digestive
✓ endocrine
✓ excretory
✓ lymphatic
✓ muscular
✓ nervous
✓ reproductive
✓ respiratory
✓ skeletal

This pack includes 11 full-color posters with a description and diagram of each system. There are two posters for the reproductive system - one for male and one for female.

Includes a picture card for each system and a description card. These can be used as an independent activity in a center or during whole group instruction.

There are 10 reading passages with comprehension questions. Each worksheet also includes a diagram of the system that students will label. Includes answer keys.

Two worksheets that require students to identify the function of each system and name three major parts of each system. These are provided in two versions to allow for differentiation: fill-in-the-blank and cut-and-paste. Includes answer keys.

Human BODY SYSTEMS Worksheets, Reading Comprehension, Posters

  • Grade Level

    4 to 6

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