STEM activities are a great way to integrate math and science into meaningful, hands-on learning! This bundle includes all 3 of my challenge packs: 

• The Great Desert Island STEM Challenge
• The Great Arctic Circle STEM Challenge
• The Great Pioneer Town STEM Challenge

Each pack includes 5 different challenges (15 total) centered around an exciting storyline.

Challenges include:

• Water Filter
• Cabin Construction
• Tower Building
• Solar Water Heater
• Rock Mover (pulleys)
• Igloo Design
• Floating Raft 
• Waterproof Container
• Insulating Blanket
• Snowball Shooter
• Parachute Design
• Hut Building
• Bridge Building
• Coconut Catapult

Each STEM challenge is completely planned out and includes teacher instructions, student challenge sheet, planning and design pages, and scoring rubrics. There is a set of team member role cards, design process cards, a master score sheet to find out which group is the most successful at helping the explorers, and associated NGSS standards. 

These STEM challenges use common materials that you probably already have in your classroom. They incorporate concepts of linear measurement, area, force and motion, energy, simple machines, data, and scientific process.

* Please Note: The preview images do not show the entire Great Pioneer Town pack.

Great Big STEM Challenge Bundle

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    ✪  "I have used this with several small groups of Gifted and Talented students in grades 3-5. It has been absolutely amazing. We have focused this fall a lot on divergent and creative thinking skills, and this is a great way to put those thinking skills into action. I even had an administrator observation while teaching the arctic circle stem unit. So many standards can be hit by using this. I'm thrilled and it's made the month of December a dream month for teaching. The kids have been engaged, thought deeply and creatively, and I plan on using the other units in the new year. My kids cannot get enough STEM challenges and love me for using this. Thank you for the thorough planning and unit design." - Alana


    ✪ "What I appreciate most about this resource is giving the challenges a background story. I think it has two benefits. First, all students seem to be more engaged, even those who aren't usually excited by science. Second, I think it helps students understand how science and engineering processes can be applied in "real-life" situations." - Laurie