This is a set of 20 math worksheets in FRENCH. They will give your students structured practice in solving various types of addition and subtraction word problems. 


Each problem in this pack involves addition or subtraction within 100. These include situations of:


  • adding to
  • taking away
  • comparing
  • missing addend


Each worksheet presents students with a story problem in an easy to read format. Space is provided to draw a picture, use an open number line and hundred chart, and write an equation. This allows you to see their use of strategies from the more concrete to the abstract.


Most of the problems are single step but there is one that involves 3 addends and one two-step combined addition/subtraction problem.


Aligns to Quebec Progression of Learning:

  • 2.A.M.A.1 Determines the operation(s) to perform in a given situation
  • 2.A.M.A.2 Uses objects, diagrams or equations to represent a situation and conversely, describes a situation represented by objects, diagrams or equations (use of different meanings of addition and subtraction)
  • 2.A.M.A.2.a transformation (adding, taking away), uniting, comparing


This resource is for the French immersion or bilingual classroom. All student pages are written fully in French. The worksheets can also be used as homework for your students with non-English speaking families!

FRENCH Word Problems Addition & Subtraction - addition et soustraction à 100

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    1st - 2nd

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