This is a set of 30 math worksheets for first grade. They will give your students structured practice in solving addition and subtraction word problems. This is a tricky skill because it involves both math and reading comprehension skills.


Each problem in this pack involves addition or subtraction within 20. These include situations of:


•  adding to

•  taking away

•  comparing

•  missing addend.


Each worksheet presents students with a story problem in an easy to read format. Space is provided to draw a picture, use a number line, and write an equation. This allows you to see their use of strategies from the more concrete to the abstract.


These are provided in two formats: full page (1 problem per page) and half page (2 per page).

First Grade Word Problems Addition and Subtraction

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    1.OA.A.1, 1.OA.A.2

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    ✪ "I love these, they show multiple ways to get the answer, use of different strategies. Great for guided math. LOVE IT" - Buyer

    ✪ "I love the multiple strategies on one page, a great way to guide my students into thinking of the best strategy for them to understand a problem." - Candace