This is a set of 15 different reading passages with comprehension questions perfect for first grade homework or assessment.


Each page includes a short text in a large, easy-to-read font, followed by three text-based comprehension questions. Two are multiple choice and the third is short response. Multiple choice questions have two possible answer choices with large “bubble” circles for students to color to indicate their answer. Great practice for standardized testing.

Students are prompted to read each passage three times and color in a smiley face each time they read it before answering the question. This helps build fluency.


Each page is provided in two versions:


Version A - Includes space for parent initials to use as homework

Version B - Includes space for a score/grade to use as classwork or assessment


Answer keys are also included.

First Grade Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions

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    RL.1.1, RL.1.3, RI.1.1, RI.1.10, RF.1.4, RF.1.4a

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  • Buyer Reviews

    ✪  "I homeschool my first grader and I bought this for her to do everyday. She LOVES it! She loves to color the faces in as she reads the passage each time, and she loves to see her score at the end. Thank you for such an awesome resource!" - Buyer


    ✪  "Thank you. I've been looking for comprehension stories to pick up where my kinders need a challenge. This does a good job, and they have to answer the questions and highlight where they find the answers in the text. Kindergarteners can do so many things people don't think they can do. Thank you." - Elizabeth