Students love to know what's coming up next in their day. This set of daily classroom schedule cards makes an eye-catching display on the wall or board so students know what to expect. It is also a helpful aid when learning to tell time.

• 32 cards with premade headings and editable times
• 6 cards with editable headings and times
• 3 blank cards with editable times and headings and space to add your own clip art 
• A set of blank clock cards for displaying the time

The cards are are also provided in PDF print and write format. These are useful if your schedule changes or you want to reuse the same cards next year. You can laminate them and write the times in dry erase marker.


The cards with premade headings are ones most commonly used in the classroom (including a few I have been frequently asked to create, so I have added them). The additional cards with editable headings are provided so you can make any others you might need. To edit them, you just need to type in the text boxes provided. 

The fonts you will need in order to match the preprinted cards are available free for PERSONAL USE:

You will need to download and install these fonts before editing the cards if you want them to all look the same.

Each card measures 7" x 3".

Daily Schedule Cards with Editable Times

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    ✪  "I've been looking for the perfect schedule cards and I just found them! I LOVE these cards. Not only are they adorable, but they're also editable so you can customize them. I can't wait to use these in my classroom, I know they will look great!" - Tea


    ✪  "Best daily schedule cards that I've found. They are a reasonable price, easily editable, and have great colorful pictures. The clocks and pictures are helpful for my visual students. Thanks!" - Laura