This set of graphic organizers and story cards will guide your students through learning to compare and contast. Begin by comparing two objects using background knowledge and a picture. Then students will contrast in the same way. Graphic organizers help them organize their ideas.


After learning to describe differences and similarities, move on to the story and picture cards. With these, students will compare and contrast two objects by reading a short text and finding information to add to their graphic organizers.



• 9 full-color graphic organizers including Venn diagrams, bubble maps, and organizational tables. The first two organizers focus on just comparing and then just contrasting. This allows students to fully understand the concepts separately before putting them together.

• 2 black and white graphic organizers for student use

• 8 story cards for individual or small group practice. Each card includes picture cards of the objects being compared. Students look at the pictures, read the passage, and complete a graphic organizer to compare and contrast the objects. This activity integrates well into writing. Students can use their completed graphic organizers as planning sheets for a compare and contrast writing piece.

Once students have a good understanding of compare and contrast, you can increase the rigor by having them pick two picture cards randomly and then compare them using their own knowledge or by doing research.

I like to use the color organizers to introduce and model how to compare and contrast. Then I put the story cards at a center with the student organizers so they can practice on their own. 

Compare and Contrast Activities for Primary Grades

  • Grade Level

    1 to 2

  • CCSS

    RI.1.9, RI.2.9

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    ✪  "This truly helped my struggling students to understand compare and contrast from a written paragraph." - Pamela


    ✪  "I saw another speech therapist use these passages when teaching comparing and contrasting and I just had to have it too. I've used them with my 1st and 2nd grade language impaired students and they have been very helpful when teaching this skill. Thank you!" - Mitza


    ✪  "I love how this gradually built up from simple to complex. Great for my first graders!" - Buyer