Reward tags are a fun and exciting reward system for classroom management! I've been using them with my own class for several years. I love them and so do my students! But during that time, I’ve realized that having too many different tags is just too much work for me to keep up with (not to mention the cost of color printing). So I finally narrowed down my collection to just the tags I use the most.


This collection includes 22 different academic and behavior rewards (with a few fun ones included too) that are perfect for second grade:


• I'm a 2nd grader!

• Super Improver

• Terrific Time Teller

• Hallway Hero

• Shoe Tying Expert

• Spelling Champ

• 100% On the Test

• Perfect Printing

• Honor Roll

• Rocked the Test

• Homework Club

• Rocket Reader

• I'm a Goal Reacher

• Superb for the Sub

• Happy Birthday

• Lost a Tooth

• Bucket Filler

• On Time Every Day

• Honest Abe

• Top Notch Team Player

• Brilliant Bus Behavior

• Math Facts Wizard


I have also included some tips to save time and money when using this type of reward system.

Brag Tags for Second Grade

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