This bundle of interactive booklets will give your students valuable reading comprehension practice while learning about fables. Each book features one of Aesop's tales along with text-based questions for students to answer. Many skills are packed into each book including:

• character traits
• inferencing
• prediction
• cause/effect
• compare/contrast
• using context clues to determine word meaning
• moral
• story sequence

On each page, students read part of the story and answer questions by finding text evidence. 

The fables you will get in this bundle are:

• The Fox and the Stork
• The Boy Who Cried Wolf
• The Dog and His Shadow
• The Lion and the Mouse
• The Miller, His Son, and Their Donkey
• The Tortoise and the Hare

These books are great for guided reading or as an independent activity during centers.

Aesop's Fables Reading Comprehension BUNDLE

  • Grade Level

    2 to 4

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