This is a set of math worksheets for third grade. They will give your students structured practice in solving addition and subtraction word problems. This is a tricky skill because it involves both math and reading comprehension skills.


Each of the 28 problems in this pack involves addition or subtraction within 1000.


  • addition without regrouping
  • addition with regrouping
  • subtraction without regrouping
  • subtraction with regrouping
  • multi-step, mixed operations


Each page includes space to draw a model, use place value, use an open number line, and write an equation. This allows you to see their use of strategies from the more concrete to the abstract.


Students also identify what the problem involves:

  • getting more
  • taking away
  • comparing quantities
  • missing number


There are two problems per page. They can be left together or cut apart. Great for quick formative assessment or homework.


Answer keys are included.

3rd Grade Word Problems - Addition and Subtraction within 1000

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