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15 Tips to Keep Your Kids Reading Over the Summer

An important reason kids need to read over the summer is to keep their skills sharp. Just like learning a new sport, if you don't practice regularly, you'll get rusty. In education, we call it the summer slide. That's when kids lose some of their academic skills from lack of practice. Then we need to spend the first few weeks of the new school year relearning them.

The best way to stop the summer slide is to keep your kids reading. You don't need do spelling drills or give them a list of comprehension questions. All you have to do it make reading a fun part of daily life.

How to Keep Your Child Reading This Summer

So how do you get kids to make books part of their summer vacation? Here are my 12 best tips. (Teachers, scroll down for a printable list that you can send home with your students.)

  1. Show off your own reading habit

  2. Ask your child about their reading

  3. Create an inviting spot for reading