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Alternative Homework Ideas - Why I Stopped Giving Homework and What I did Instead

Do you struggle to get students to complete homework assignments? Are you looking for alternative homework ideas that don't involve pencil and paper? Do you think that students maybe need a break after a long day at school? Well look no further! I know how you feel.

It's been a few years since my own kids were in elementary school, but I have clear memories of the nightly homework fight with my son. He HATED doing homework, especially anything that involved any type of writing. We spent so much time erasing and complaining and arguing and crying. It's not a pleasant memory.

Now, as a teacher, I have a real love-hate relationship with homework. No, make that a hate-hate relationship.

  • I HATE trying to come up with meaningful assignments.

  • I HATE that the students who need extra practice are the same ones who never do their homework.

  • I HATE knowing my students are tired at the end of the day and will have to do more when they get home.

  • I HATE that some students have a parent to help with difficult assignments and others don't.

  • I absolutely HATE checking homework.

It's just one more source of stress for everyone and one more thing contributing to teacher burnout.