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Teaching the properties of shapes: The Toothpick Plan

Next week is the big day... formal observation time. Ugh, I just hate this time of year! Not because I question my own teaching skills. It's the kids and their inability to act like humans when another adult enters the room. Why is it that they all turn into lunatics as soon as the principal shows her face?

Don't get me wrong... I have a lovely class this year. In fact, I like them so much that I'm hoping to loop up to third grade with them. They are sweet and cute and pretty darn smart! But Lord help me, as soon as the Big Boss comes in, you'd think they'd been raised in barns.

So as I sit here planning my lesson for the big show, I'm second guessing myself. We are just starting a unit on shapes in math, so that is what I will be teaching.

My plan is this...