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Mid-Year Teacher Tips to Keep Them Learning

We've passed the half-way point of the school year (yay!!) and this is when things can start to get a little bit boooring... for the kids and for me.

Since I've had the same class two years in a row now, we're really good at our routines. But I've noticed some of them tuning me out lately. Maybe they've gotten just a little bit too comfortable and familiar with how I do things. Like during math workshop, they KNOW I'm going to model it first, so maybe that's a good time for a quick nap, right? Ugh! So... time to pull out my bag of tricks!

teacher tricks magician waving magic wand

What? Huh? A bag of tricks? Yeah, it looks magical, doesn't it? I've got a few little things up my sleeve to get the class back on track. Every teacher has them, but here are a few you might not have tried before...