Math Anchor Charts

This has been a busy month! I just want to share a few of the anchor charts we've been making in math. The kids help decide what to include and I do the writing. We're working on multiplication right now.

Click the arrows to scroll and see some examples from my classroom:

After we make the big chart together, they copy it down in their math journals during math workshop. They've been going a great job and really enjoy referring back to their journals when needed. Once they realized that I will occasionally let them use their journals during quizzes, their handwriting suddenly got a lot neater!

Here's another chart we made for rounding...

math anchor chart for rounding numbers

They aren't the fancy, perfect charts you see on Pinterest, but they're effective. I keep them hanging on one wall and the students can go back and look at them any time. The important thing is that they contributed to the content.

Now, once you and your students have made a bunch of charts, how to you hang or store them? I've seen a lot of different methods... binder rings, magnetic towel bars, etc. But my favorite way is to use these Command Toggle Hooks.

Just stick a couple on the wall and you can hang quite a few charts on them. Super easy!

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