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FUN Indoor Recess Games & Activities for Rainy Days

What's worse than a rainy day without recess? Not much that I can think of. About three hours into the school day, I NEED A BREAK! But, what's a teacher to do when bad weather stands in the way? Whether it's rainy, snowy, or just too darn hot for outdoor recess, here are few fun things you can do to in the classroom the next time you're stuck inside.

indoor recess rainy day activities for elementary students

My Favorite Indoor Rainy Day Activities


This is definitely one of the easiest options for an indoor recess day. Just pull out your laptops, tablets, or whatever devices you have available and let the kids enjoy some extra screen time.

The absolute favorite in my class is Prodigy Game. It's an adaptive math

game for great for both young kids and older children from grades 1 to 8. The game looks and feels a lot like fantasy role-playing games. Students get to customize their avatars and complete quests and battles by solving math problems. There's even a Wizard Academy! The best part is that they are building academic skills at the same time.

My students are