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54 Fun Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids: Free Printable Ideas

The month of December is a wonderful time of year but can be brutal for teachers! The kids are super excited about the upcoming winter break and holidays. That makes it so hard to get them to settle down and focus on school. Sometimes it feels like teaching at Christmas time is a completely futile task, right?

One way to keep your students on track at this time of year is to have a really good list of December writing prompts on hand. Giving them fun, timely topics to write about gives kids a way to channel all of their excitement and energy into their classwork. I know coming up with writing prompts is hard, but I've done the work for you!

christmas writing prompts for kids

Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids

Here is a list of 50 fun writing prompts that will keep your students engaged all through the month of December and sharpen their writing skills at the same time. You can use them individually or let students browse the whole list as inspiration during their journal writing time.

Narrative/Creative Writing Prompts:

  1. Write a funny story about a mischievous gingerbread man who causes a lot of trouble on Christmas Eve.

  2. Imagine you wake up on Christmas day to find that your parents have turned into elves. Write a story about what happens next.

  3. Create a story about a magical snowman who comes to life on Christmas eve.

  4. Write about a Christmas adventure that takes you and your best friend to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.

  5. Tell a story from the perspective of a talking Christmas tree.

  6. Imagine you are one of Santa's helpers. Describe a day in your life leading up to Christmas.

  7. Write a story about a snowball fight that gets out of hand and turns into an epic battle.

  8. Describe a snowy winter day in the life of a friendly snowflake.

  9. Create a story about a family who adopts a pet reindeer for the holidays.

  10. Write about the day Santa's sleigh broke down and you had to help him deliver Christmas presents.

  11. Imagine you receive a mysterious letter from Santa asking for your help. Describe your adventure to the North Pole.

  12. Imagine you are trapped inside a snow globe. Write a story about what happens inside this magical world.

  13. Write about the day Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer went missing and you had to find him.

  14. Imagine you wake up one day and all the Christmas decorations have come to life. Describe your day with them.

  15. Pretend you and a family member take a trip to the North Pole. Describe visiting Santa's workshop.

  16. Describe a snowy day when you discover a hidden gift in the forest.

  17. Create a short story about a group of penguins taking over your town.

  18. Imagine you apply for a job as Santa's helper and he hires you! Write a story about your first day on the job.

Opinion Prompts:

  1. Do you think it's better to receive gifts or give them? Explain why?

  2. What's the best part of Christmas. Why is it so special to you?

  3. Should people exchange homemade gifts for Christmas or buy them? Explain your opinion.

  4. What holiday traditions are over-rated? How could they be improved?

  5. Do you believe in Santa Claus? Why or why not?

  6. When is the right time to start decorating for Christmas each year?

  7. Is it more fun to have a white Christmas with snow, or would you prefer a warm and sunny holiday? Explain your choice.

  8. Should people open their presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? Why?

  9. Write about the best way to spread Christmas cheer during the holiday season.

  10. Do you think it's important to send a Christmas card to friends and family, or are there better ways to stay in touch with loved ones during the holidays? Explain your opinion.

  11. Should people buy gifts for their pets at Christmas? Why or why not?

  12. Do you think kids should have to be on their best behavior year-round to get presents from Santa? Why or why not?

  13. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Explain why it's better than other holiday movies.

  14. What is the best tasting Christmas cookie? Tell why you love it so much.

  15. Why do you deserve to be on Santa's good list? Write a persuasive letter to him explaining your opinion.

  16. What is the best gift for an older person who has everything?

Descriptive Prompts:

  1. Describe your dream Christmas tree and all the decorations on it.

  2. Paint a picture with words of the perfect gingerbread house. What does it look like?

  3. Describe your family traditions during the holidays.

  4. Explain what a winter wonderland looks like and how it makes you feel.

  5. Describe the taste of your favorite holiday treat. Is it sweet, spicy, or something else?

  6. Use your senses to describe the sound, smell, and feel of a crackling fireplace on a cold winter night.

  7. Write about the best Christmas lights display you've ever seen.

  8. Describe the feeling of opening a long-awaited Christmas gift.

  9. Explain what it's like to have a snowball fight with your friends.

  10. Share the sights and sounds of a busy shopping mall during the holiday season.

  11. Describe a cozy winter scene where you're sipping hot chocolate by the fire with your family.

  12. Write a short poem about how Christmas morning feels.

  13. Write an acrostic poem using the word Santa.

  14. Describe the Christmas traditions in a different country (after doing a little research).

Procedural Prompts:

  1. How to Decorate a Christmas Tree: Write down the steps to decorate a Christmas tree, from putting on the lights to hanging ornaments.

  2. How to Make a Gingerbread House: Explain the process of making and decorating a gingerbread house for the holidays.

  3. How to Wrap a Present: Describe the steps for wrapping a Christmas gift with beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons.

  4. How to Build a Snowman: Explain how to build the perfect snowman.

  5. How to Bake Christmas Cookies: Detail the steps for baking and decorating delicious Christmas cookies.

  6. How to Make Reindeer Food: Share a recipe for making magical reindeer food to leave out on Christmas Eve.

I hope these prompt ideas inspire some creative and festive writing for your elementary students! For a free printable version, click the link below:


If you're looking for more holiday writing prompts and story starters that are perfect for literacy centers, check out this set of Christmas Writing Prompt Task Cards and Paper:

christmas writing prompts for kids and printable paper

Christmas Writing Prompts: Task Cards and Writing Paper

This printable resource includes 16 different writing prompt task cards and coordinating Christmas writing paper. Includes narrative, opinion, descriptive, informative, and procedural tasks.

Perfect for 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade!

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