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Free Earth Day Activities & Printables for the Classroom

If you're anything like me, your day is packed full of reading and math - without much time to learn about holidays. But we should all take at least a few minutes to teach our students about Earth Day. It's so important for kids to know how to take care of the Earth, both for themselves and future generations.

So here are a few free Earth Day activities that you can include in your lesson plans.

Free EARTH DAY Printables

These fun Earth Day worksheets and printables are an easy way to incorporate this holiday into your day. These are free for personal use and can be shared with your friends and colleagues. (Just click on each image)

Earth Day Word Search

This is a great way to incorporate important vocabulary words into your day and is simple enough for young children (first grade to second grade). It can be used in your reading centers because it involves literacy skills - building vocabulary and spelling.