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27 Free Classroom Reward Ideas That Your Whole Class Will Love

Every teacher wants a positive classroom environment. And it's easy when you've got a bunch of students who always do the right thing. But let's take a reality check. Good behavior doesn't always come naturally. Sometimes we have to provide an extra incentive for hard work and making good choices - especially with younger children.

That's where whole class reward systems can really make a difference.

If visions of an overflowing prize box full of expensive toys and treats comes to mind, never fear! There are better (and cheaper) ways to encourage positive behaviors in your classroom.

The ultimate goal of any behavior system is to help students build intrinsic motivation. But that can be hard if the only connect good behavior with getting stuff all the time. Instead, you want them to learn to associate being a good classroom citizen with positive feelings and a happy environment. You can do that by rewarding students with experiences instead of material things. That's not to say you should never give them a little treat or piece of candy for doing a good job. But there's a better and easier way.

Here are some of my favorite student rewards that are mostly free and don't require a trip to the store:

Whole Class Rewards

Sometimes you'll want to reward all of your students for excellent class behavior. Maybe they were amazing audience members at an assembly. Maybe they finally mastered the skill of walking quietly in line all the way to lunch. Did they make you proud when a special guest came to visit? Or maybe they worked together to reach a class goal.

Whatever the reason, there are times when whole-class rewards are in order. Here are some fun and easy ways to recognize your entire class for a job well done: