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Classroom Behavior Interventions that Work

I'm really excited to share with you some great ideas about handling classroom behavior!

I know you've had your own experiences with that one kid... the one who has so many issues that you don't know where to start, the one who disrupts your class every single day, the one that you've tried EVERYTHING with. Daily notes, calling parents, behavior contracts... nothing works. It's so frustrating!

If you understand just what I'm talking about, then you need to know about PBIS World. This is a super awesome (and free) website for teachers that's like your own personal behavior specialist.

When you arrive at the site, you are presented with a list of problems. To get started, just click on the one you really want to address first...

So here I've clicked on "Disrespectful" because well, I hate disrespectful and would like to nip that in the bud first. After you make your selection, the site gives you a list of behaviors that you may be observing. This is to make sure you've correctly identified the root problem. If the list looks accurate, go ahead and click YES at the bottom...

After you've selected the problem, the site gives you a list of tier1 interventions to try for that particular behavior issue. Now you might be thinking, "Hey, I'm already doing all of this." Maybe, but really look closely and make sure you aren't missing something. For this one, I see that one intervention is to speak with the student in the hallway. I'm wondering why that's important, so I click on it...

This is where the site becomes really helpful. Now you can see the nitty gritty of that specific intervention... why you should do it, when you should do it, and exactly how you should do it so that it will actually work for the student...

This is so important. If you do the intervention the wrong way, you might as well not do anything at all. You have to implement it correctly and consistently and this page really helps you with that.

So after you look at the details, you can go back to the tier 1 page. At the bottom of the page, you have a few options. If you click on "See all tier 1 interventions", you'll just get a list of every intervention under the sun. I don't really suggest this one because you need specific interventions for the problem. However, you should most definitely check out the data tracking forms and strategies...

This page will give you all of the forms you could need from daily behavior notes to self-tracking sheets to parent questionnaires. They are divided into tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 sections to help you find what you need depending on what stage of intervention you're working in.

PBIS World really is your one-stop shop for behavior interventions. The best part is that it helps you zero in on the issue and then provides all of the tools you need for documentation. Your guidance counselor or school psychologist will love you!


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