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50 Classroom Jobs and Helper Ideas to Make Teaching Life Easier

One thing I have learned after years of teaching is that elementary students LOVE to help! Having a classroom job or being the teacher’s helper gives them a sense of ownership and makes a kid feel so important. Plus it's a great way to teach students responsibility and build classroom community - which is something we all want!

When creating your classroom job system, think of all the routine tasks that take up time that could be better spent on lesson planning or teaching. How many of those daily tasks could actually be done by a responsible student? There are a lot of little things throughout the day that students can handle themselves if you just show them how. Even kindergartners can be excellent student helpers!

What are some good classroom jobs for students?

So what kind of classroom jobs should you have in your room? For an elementary teacher, there are so many things to do that you can easily have enough jobs for the entire class.

Here is a list of 50 different classroom job ideas that can easily be assigned to students:

  • line leader

  • line monitor

  • line caboose

  • light monitor

  • door holder