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The 25 Best Professional Development Books for Teachers

It's the end of the school year and I'm so looking forward to a relaxing summer! One thing I definitely want to do is catch up on my reading list. I have a whole stack of fun books just waiting for me.

But I also want to fit in a few education books - because 16 years into my teaching career, I know there's always more to learn. To get some new ideas, I recently polled some of my teacher friends and colleagues to find out what they've been reading.

Here is list of favorite professional development books recommended by real teachers. They span all grade levels, include books for new teachers and veteran teachers alike, and are full of practical advice you can use in your own classroom. Take a look!

  1. Books About Reading

  2. Books About Math

  3. Books About Special Education

  4. Books About Classroom Management

  5. Books About the Teaching Profession

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