I hate spelling. ​​Not the actual act of spelling a word... I hate to give out spelling assignments and even more, I hate to grade them! So, about halfway through this last school year, I decided to stop. Just cold turkey. Was I crazy?

There are hundreds of websites for kids... almost too many to wade through to find the good ones. Here are a few of my favorites for the classroom.

Today, I want to share one of my favorite websites for teachers. It's called Learn Zillion. This is a site where you can go for interactive, student-oriented lesson support.

Where can you go on your virtual field trip? Visit a rain forest or the desert. Check out an amazing zoo or museum. See beaches or mountains or even a volcano. How about watching an orchestra perform or strolling the streets in a historic town? There are so many sites...

If you could find the perfect teaching tool, what would it be like? Versatile? Ready to use? Engaging? Skill-based? Inexpensive? Here are some great reasons to start using task cards in your classroom!

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