What's a teacher to do when it's rainy, snowy, or just too darn hot for outdoor recess? No, don't lose your mind! Here are a few ideas to make indoor recess EASY and fun!

I am SOOOO proud of myself. I actually planned ahead for dinner tonight!

Here's my usual weeknight cooking method... leave school around 3:00, drive to the grocery store and wander back and forth through the meat department muttering to myself that nothing sounds good,...

Fall is in the air...just not here in Florida. It's still around 90 degrees every day. But the humidity is down very slightly, so I'm going to pretend that fall has arrived! It's the best time of year and there are so many fun things you can do at school to celebrate t...

I love Thanksgiving week at school! Two days of fun followed by three days off. What could be better?

It seems that we spend every single second of our day stuffing the kids full of knowledge, testing, remediating, retesting, and analyzing data. There's so little time...

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